Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Environmnet and Development

In a new report by the  human rights team at the University of Texas School of Law, large foreign mining companies in the gold-rich nation of  Ghana regularly seize people's land, pollute the environment and violently suppress those who oppose them. According to the report, these large mining companies in Ghana's west often take land from farmers without fair compensation for loss of land and loss of crops, where as a majority of the compensation is paid to chiefs. Government undervalues a crop. In addition, compensation is also dependent on the crop of the land, thus for cash crops like cocoa, with long life span, landowners are compensated for a short period of time. Given the push of foreign investment in developing countries, some developing nations are willing to allow foreign companies to by-pass environmental regulations. Without adequate land policies and sufficient environmental regulations what are the long term impacts of foreign investment-relative to pertinent issues of development ?

To read more about this story visit: http://www.canadaeast.com/front/article/1284388
picture: gullu.net-http://gullucan.seesaa.net/article/142712235.html?googlesorgu=gold mines ghana gullu

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